And so it starts..

After years of umming and ahhhing , I’ve taken the plunge – laying my soul on the line and putting my views on the Beautiful game into bite sized chunks of pleasure , like the new Kit Kats really – the amount of these I do will depend on time and amount of death threats I get I guess.


Why would I take this plunge I hear you ask? Well for years I’ve read people harping on about various incidents and their teams (normally slating my team and hiding behind a keyboard to do so ) so I thought I would stand up and create another warrior in this war of bad grammar and mis-spellings and pull back the general clap trap and scream in its face a simple,loud “NO” , but before you click off and go watch Nyan Cat or play Angry Birds they’ll be a mixture of stuff covered around the World , not just Brighton & Hove Albion.


that will do as an introduction , if anyone has any specific subjects they reckon I should cover leave me a message and I’ll discuss it.




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